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Research Programmes

Research and programmes are the thesis based degree programs for three to five years of durations. These researches are like to explore a particular session of field in respect of making reports and data facts. Mainly these research programs are being offered by the top universities and colleges in order to explore new fields of economy. Here, Himalayan University being as a top rated segment of higher education offers several ph.d and research programmes of relative fields.

Here, Himalayan University research programmes comprises of M.Tech, M.Phil and PH.d in varied disciplines. Below are the rules and regulations of Himalayan University research programmes that define the standards of university while imparting the quality education in research programs.

  • Students after passing their post graduation with second division can apply for PH.D programs from Himalayan University. Students can only apply to those programs in which they have passed with post graduation. No candidate will allow to apply for those researches other than their post graduation programs.
  • After clearing with entrance exams; a student can apply for research program where the set of courses, research programs and allotted supervision have been assigned to the respective students.
  • A supervisor is handled all the approvals of thesis and reports being developed by students. This supervision is allotted by the university itself where students need to work under the guidance of same supervisor.
  • Every students need to work with past researches and thereby develop data sheet and thesis on the basis of researches.
  • Student needs to submit thesis on time within the prescribed period where on failure of which can apply for extension period with yearly fees.
  • After submitting thesis, the research documents then pass to research department of the university where all the documents are being carried to recheck and either the letter of acceptance on approval or the letter of rejection on getting failure have been issued to the candidate.

Apart from these above mentioned rules of research and programs by Himalayan University there are many other rules that have tagged with Supervisor and university as well. Like supervisor experience, supervisor roles and responsibility, who can be allotted as supervisor, what university will do on the failure of or death of supervisor and lots more have mentioned with our portfolio of Himalayan University research and programs.

Research Programmes