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Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication at The Himalayan University enables the students, with the zeal to communicate with the masses through the various mediums of mass communication. It does not only train the students in the specialty of becoming a responsible person who provide quality news to the masses, but also create in them the sense of the logical reasoning of the surrounding. It also provides the students to avail all the necessary information in the field from experts in the faculty.

The students, under the Diploma Course in Journalism and Mass Communication are also provided with the opportunity to get the information on the practical and the theoretical aspect of the subject. So as the students can give logical reasoning with the authenticity of hard work. There are many tools and mediums through which effective means of mass communication is possible, practical understanding of the public affairs and the masses in general. Interested students who want to explore their creativity in the field can get the necessary information and can apply for it.