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Faculty of Fine Arts & Design

If you are a keen observer of the surrounding with flair of creativity, diploma in fine arts and design is the best career option for you. Students in this field will be studying the different forms of photography, tips ant the reviews of some of the best photographers of the world will be some of the interesting course contents which will be studied here at the Himalayan University. This will not only enhance the creativity of the students, but also on the preparation of the demands of the corporate world.

Diploma Course in Fine Arts and Design will give the students a platform to excel under the watchful and caring eyes of their teachers and faculty members. They will also avail themselves with the recent advancements in the field of photography as part of their curriculum. The latest technologies and software’s will be taken into consideration here. Those students, who are interested and want to explore their creativity can come and be a part of the adventure of discovering their creativity through the diploma course. All they need to do is fill the necessary forms and documents online and let their creative minds grow at its best.