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: 91-9910-057-970
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The master’s degree in Botany (which exclusively deals with the study of various plants, along with the ways they survive and interact with other living and non-living things present in the environment) opens the door to prolific and illustrious employment in a wide range of fields as  Botanists, Plant Scientists, Ethno Botanists, Horticulture Specialists, Plant Pathologists, etc. The most famous and major employing fields will be agriculture-based professions, environmental consulting, teaching, management of nursery or greenhouse, botanical research, landscape designing, and many others. During this two-year course advanced information is imparted in the areas of plant anatomy and taxonomy, plant physiology, cellular biology, entomology, plant molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, environmental toxicology, biotechnology, mycology, plant geography, plant ecology, etc.

Program Overview
Program Code Duration Eligibility Mode
506710104 2 Years B.Sc (PCB) Yearly