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  • Researchers publish their research outcomes or creative works in the form of journal articles, papers presented in conferences, newspaper articles, or as books. The ownership rights in such scholarly and academic works, generated utilizing resources of University, including books, articles, student projects/ dissertations/ theses, lecture notes, audio or visual aids for giving lectures shall ordinarily be vested with the Author(s). However, the University shall have non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free license, on worldwide basis, to use such scholarly works for academic and teaching objectives.
  • Copyright to thesis/ dissertation work shall be owned by the student and research guide jointly. However, such copyright shall only pertain to the thesis document itself or to the form in which the research findings or creative work are documented, whereas ownership of invention/ development described in the thesis will be owned by the University. Notwithstanding any copyright, University shall have non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free license, on worldwide basis, to use such created thesis/ dissertation work for teaching and academic objectives.
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S. Number Name of Authors Name of the Applicant Title of Work Category Date of Filing Diary number Official Status Source Link
1 Dr. Prakash Divakaran Himalayan University An Empirical Analysis of Credit Risk Management withRespect to Public Sector Banks in Maharashtra Literary 12/30/2020 21767/2020-CO/L Registered View More
2 Dr. Prakash Divakaran Himalayan University Low Cost Agro-waste Adsorbents (Banana, Kenaf and Sugarcane Stems) used to Remove Toxic Dyes: A Comparative Analysis Literary 1/18/2021 1185/2021-CO/L Registered View More
3 Dr. Praveen Bhatt Himalayan University Major Applications of Advanced Nano Multiferroic Magneto-Electric Materials in Devices: Synthesis and Characterization Literary 1/18/2021 1178/2021-CO/L Registered View More
4 Dr. Bhosale J. Pandurang Himalayan University E-commerce status in India-an update and its future Literary 1/18/2021 1187/2021-CO/L Registered View More